Divers from all over the California Coast have trusted us with their safety.

A Trusted Source.

Divers from all over the California Coast have trusted us with their safety. We offer diagnostics, service and overhaul. We also do countless, hoses, pressure gauges, batteries and etc.

Since 1974, Anderson’s has been servicing diving equipment and we continuously striving to improve and offer the best possible technical support for your scuba diving equipment.

Owner and Master Technician Larry Anderson has over 40 years of experience in servicing scuba equipment. We service all equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications, providing and maintaining the best possible quality and reliability of all serviced equipment. We aim to provide a fast quality service maximizing the lifespan on your equipment.

Anderson’s conducts A.S.S.E.T. certified cylinder inspections & hydrostatic tests on SCUBA cylinders of all brands and sizes. We are fully equipped with a Galiso Hydrostatic Cylinder testing system, one of the worldwide standard for quality and productivity that meets or exceeds DOT regulations.

More importantly, all our servicing and testing are conducted rigorously to the highest standards and we always keep the customer informed, giving them a choice on how we will proceed wherever possible. This is your equipment and we do not take decisions without your approval.


Overhaul/Annual Service
Diagnostic Inspection/Flow Bench Test
O2 Cleaning


Inflator/Alternate Air Source Overhaul
Bladder Leak Test


Tank Hydro: $45.00 (includes VIP sticker & airfill)
Paintball Tank Hydro:  $45.00 (includes airfill)
Tank VIP: $25.00 (includes airfill)
Tank Airfill up to 3000 psi  $7.00
Paintball Tank Air Fill: $7.00
High Pressure Air Fill over 3000 psi $8.00
Please Note we no longer service Aluminum Tanks made prior to 1990 (30 years & older)




Here are our prices for regulators;

Labor Charges

Labor Only-15 Minutes  $45.00
Labor Only-30 Minutes  $90.00
Labor Only-45 Minutes  $135.00
Labor Only-60 Minutes  $180.00

1st & 2nd Stage, Octo: $185 + Parts (Parts Estimate $55.00)
1st Stage Only: $95.00 + Parts
2nd Stage Only: $85.00 + Parts

Regulator Diagnostics (Bench Test) $55.00

Here are our prices for BCD;

Labor Charges

BCD w/ inflator: $55.00 + Parts
BCD w/ alternate air source: $85.00 + Parts
BCD Water Bench Test Diagnostics $25.00





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