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Monday-Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Test your equipment before leaving the shop.
  • Try on the BCD, configure your weight belt. Fix any problems before you go to the ocean.
  • Replace the regulator dust cap when the system is not in use. Sand and salt water can damage internal regulator components requiring complete overhaul.
  • Rinse your equipment in fresh water after use.
  • Equipment must be returned in the condition that it was received. Any equipment that is returned with anything on it, other than saltwater will be charged a .00 cleaning fee.
  • Examples: mud, sand, dog & cat hair, weeds, stickers, oil stains or any other material that was not on the equipment when rented.
  • Do not put weights in your gear bag. Weights and other heavy objects in your gear bag can damage your dive equipment and other sensitive equipment.
Replacement Certification Cards

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Student Discounts

Don't forget, you will receive a 10% student discount for your personal scuba gear when you take any course through Anderson's Scuba Diving .


We have a large selection of rental equipment available in many styles & sizes.
We recommend reservations during abalone season and 3-day weekends.
For sized items such as wetsuits and buoyancy compensators, it is highly
recommended that you first come in and get fitted to ensure the equipment
fits your properly. A credit card deposit is required on all rentals

4-Day Rental Pick-up on Friday Return on Monday
SCUBA Special
Includes: Wetsuit, Hood, gloves, Regulator with Octopus & Gauges, BCD,
1 tank, weights & gear bag
$ 99.00
Abalone Special
Includes: Wetsuit, Hood, mask, snorkel, gloves, fins, boots & weight belt $ 80.00
Wetsuit with Hood $ 35.00
Regulator includes primary, octopus, gauges & LP hose $ 25.00
Buoyancy Compensator Devise (BCD) weight integrated $ 20.00
Dive Computer $ 25.00
Weight System weight belt and weight soft or hard weights $ 15.00
Tanks Aluminum 50, 63, 80 $ 15.00
High Pressure Steel Tank $ 20.00
Mask $ 10.00
Snorkel $ 7.00
Fins $ 25.00
1st stage, 2nd stage and Octo overhaul $ 125.00 & parts if needed
2nd stage (octo) overhaul $ 35.00 & parts if needed
Air Source (or similar) overhaul $ 55.00 & parts if needed
Regulator & Octopus Bench Test Inspection $ 55.00 & parts if needed
BCD, water & pressure test $ 25.00 & parts if needed
Low pressure power inflator service $ 40.00 & parts if needed
Computer battery change $ 15.00 & up plus battery
K valve service $ 40.00 & parts if needed
Tank Hydro (5 year inspection) $ 45.00 (includes air & sticker)
Tank Tumble $ 40.00 (includes air & sticker)
Tank Visual Inspection (1 year inspection) $ 20.00 (includes air & sticker)
Tank burst disc replacement $ 25.00 (includes burst disc)
Minimum Labor Inspection $ 20.00
Air Fills
Air $ 5.00
10-fill Air Card $ 45.00