Pool Rental

Have a need for a private pool rental to shoot photos, videos, commercial work, special projects or more?

Anderson’s has two, 92° indoor heated pools to accommodate most all projects.

Our main pool is 22′ x 40′. The first third of the pool is 4 1/2 feet deep and then it drops down to 12. This gives our photographers a great working canvas to photograph.

Our second pool is 10′ x 30′ and 4 1/2′ deep the whole length. This pool is equipped with swim Jets so if you’re looking to add some turbulence to the water, this effect can be accomplished was just the push of a button.

We have Lifeguards, Dive masters and Safety Divers on staff and available to handle any of your underwater safety needs.

The pools are available around the clock to accommodate even the tightest schedules.

Please call Andy for pricing and scheduling times. 650-355-3050

Underwater photos by:
Erena Shimoda

If you’re interested in a pool photo session with her please contact Erena.